WE are people who hold ourselves responsible for our own health. In our country we want to see a health system which is to provide the qualitative medical help to every person.

Healthcarers — is a patients’ project aiming to improve the health system of Ukraine. Our goal is to control the provision of full medical help in our country involving the patients themselves. The main tasks of the project: coherent policy aiming at the qualitative increase of medical services, uninterrupted access to medications and diagnostics, price decrease for drugs and services.

We collect and analyze information provided by patients from all regions of Ukraine in order to push credibly the changes needed to the health system on the governmental level and to defend the right to health of every citizen of our country. On uniting and analyzing data from all parts of Ukraine on medical services, ATV, tuberculosis and hepatitis treatment shortage, we would be able to have an effect on the situation. The information provided by the patients themselves gives the full picture and allows making conclusions on what changes are needed and how they are to be introduced into the health system.

The project Healthcarers (PEREBOI.NET.UA) went live in January 2013. Since then we have provided help to hundreds of patients, conducted dozens of informational and advocative campaigns covering the lack of access to HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis treatment.

We strongly believe that defending your right to health and influencing the whole situation means the responsible self-attitude, responsible attitude towards your health and that our responsibility is to participate in creation of modern health system oriented to patients’ needs.

With the joint efforts of NGOs and patients of Ukraine we have already managed some changes and the following cooperation is to ensure that quality health system is available in our country.